Jul 30, 2020 • 54M

The basketball biomechanics starter kit

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An NBA podcast from two lifelong fans who watch obsessively because their bodies won't let them play it much anymore.
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The Limited Upside podcast is back after a brief hiatus! On this episode, I chat with Coleman Ayers, the genius behind the indispensable By Any Means Basketball YouTube channel and basketball training service.

Ayers has made himself into an expert on an increasingly essential field: basketball biomechanics. Ever wonder what makes a basketball player so explosive and skilled? Curious to know which of your favorites are putting themselves at risk of injury? How do I improve my body to become a better player? Ayers can help you answer those questions and more. His expertise is especially pertinent with the NBA and WNBA resuming their seasons in a controlled bubble environment after a long layoff.

Topics discussed in this pod include:

  • How Ayers got into the business of basketball training and performance.

  • What factors explain the startling lack of emphasis or study on basketball biomechanics prior to the last few years?

  • Why landings are so important and what goes into a proper landing. Which stars are best at it?

  • The heightened risk of injury inside the bubble. What types of ailments should most worry fans and why? Which types of players are most at risk of getting hurt? What should coaches and teams be doing to mitigate those risks while still aiming to win?

  • Finally, Ayers tells us what to watch for if we want to learn more about a player’s biomechanics.

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