Bubble ball is different, except also the same


Apologies for the lack of updates this week. My house still has no power after a tropical storm wrecked Long Island earlier this week, so while I was able to watch a ton of games, I haven’t had large blocks of time to concentrate and get any written stuff out. I’ll make it up to y’all in the future. (Also got a few big announcements I’m finalizing. Stay tuned).

In the meantime, Ben and I found a window to chat on Friday about the first week of the NBA bubble. (We tried recording this on Tuesday, but that’s when the power went out). Among the topics discussed:

  • Who’s better: Suns or Blazers? And just how good is Devin Booker anyway?

  • Is there any reason to worry about the Bucks? (Not really, at least not any new one). Is there any reason to alter the title race? (Maybe. Houston looks dangerous).

  • Are there any major differences in the style of play compared to a regular-season game? We’ve spotted a few, but we’re not sure how much they matter.

  • Bubble surprises! How about T.J. Warren? Michael Porter Jr.? (The playing part on the latter).

  • We end by lamenting the third rail of discussing biomechanics and injury prevention. Why aren’t these topics that any broadcast is willing to discuss? Why can’t we comment on Zion Williamson’s movement patterns? Why can’t we ask if injuries like Jonathan Isaac’s and Jaren Jackson Jr’s were preventable given the long layoff and immediate ramp-up in physical activity.

More to come soon. Until then, enjoy this.